This is the home of Swing Shift Big Band CDs - the original versions of our classic Canadian albums on the Palais Records label... Buy some for your collection, for gifts or just for the car!

Full House - CD

The second Swing-Shift-with-strings album, dedicated to the memory of our great trombonist Rob Williams.

Released March 2023.

Celebrations - CD

Celebrations - EP - With Strings.  Featuring Jackie Richardson's incomparable version of "Here's To Life".

Released Februaury 2021.


A Very Swing Shift Christmas - CD

A fabulous Christmas album from Ontario's premier big band. All the songs that you request every year in the Holiday Season!!

Released December 2019


One More Twice - CD

A great selection of charts, vocals by Dave Statham and Larisa Renée, brilliant solos, tight ensembles ...all you want in an album!!

Released May 2017.


Alive and Swingin' - CD

They aren't leaving town - they're here to swing!!

Released December 2011.


Mostly Canadian, Eh! - CD

Our Canadian theme album - composers, arrangers & players.

Released January 2011.


The Tradition Continues

Sorry - our first album is SOLD OUT!!

Released 2005.


One More Time

Our second CD - a beauty!

Released August 2006.